I blog all over the place – for my work, for others, for projects. But this is where I write the random stuff. If you’re looking for themes then you could look at the following places (not all my own work, some of them just a sprinkling):

  • Redfront – my main business. Service Design, stuff with post-it notes, making things;
  • The Minimal List – a long-running blog about simplicity I write with my wife;
  • imagetext – my visual design business. I do graphic identities and clean, simple websites;
  • Learning Outsiders – a work in progress, imagining a world without school, to make education better;
  • Our Learning Website – where we do fun projects while everyone else is at school;
  • Handemic – doing mobile apps stuff; and
  • pop_up – not my idea. A project for creatives and geeks, started by Phillippa Rose, the other Redfront person.

So, there are lots of different things going on, but there is a simple idea running through it all. I like to make things better, simpler and for people. If you’ve made it this far why not follow me on Twitter?

1 comment
  1. Loved reading your experience meeting your biological Mum.
    It resonated with me and defined why I haven’t got back in touch with my biological Father after finding him.
    Thanks for sharing!

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