Short Essay Published on the Internet

I started out by writing a blog post. That was until it occurred to me how much I hated the words “blog” and “post”. They’ve become overused and cliched, like so many other words that refer to things.

What I really wanted to do, rather than trot out another tired instance of something everyone understands, is simply write down some of my thoughts.

But what an awful word: “thoughts”. We see it everywhere now. When people have been thinking and there’s been some kind of outcome they’re all too eager to slap the “thought” label on it; not really thinking at all.

The problem with using all these words for things is that it’s very hard to get across to you how edgy and forward-thinking I am. When I’m speaking at conferences, for example, I know that I only have a few minutes to establish my credentials as an innovator; particularly the kind of innovator that wouldn’t dream of using the word “innovator”.

If I can’t engage my audience through our shared dislike of the word “engage” then I fear we may never connect. And they’ll consider me the sort of person that might say “connect”.

So I hope that, regardless of anything else you might take away from what I’ve written here, you’ll remember that I wasn’t afraid to dismiss some commonly-used words. And I hope that in some small way it will enable us to find a sort of synergy.

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  1. patrickhadfield said:

    Whereas this is not a comment.

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