Social Skills

What would a completely social recruitment model look like; one where we really helped each other get work?

At the moment the largest recruitment platform is probably LinkedIn (or Twitter or Facebook, depending on what kind of work you do). They all work in slightly different ways, but they’re all pretty basic when it comes to genuine, social recruitment.

I say this because I was just having a Twitter conversation with someone and it immediately became obvious where the flaws in all the current models are. On one hand the process is messy and pretty random (finding work through Twitter perhaps). On the other hand it’s competitive and self-serving (LinkedIn with its peacock feathers and scratch-my-back Endorsements).

Specifically I’m wondering what truly co-created recruitment would be. Co-created recruitment would move us away from a transactional model to more of a shared value, properly social one. Instead of our suitability for work being based on what we’ve previously done (and listed) or what we can think of that that we’re good at (and also listed) it would present an opportunity for our skills and experience to emerge through social interaction.

In other words, we put up a starting point for what we can do but our social network helps us to build this into a more rich and accurate picture of what we’re capable of. People who know us can add and suggest new things and this builds a better picture of us for people with work that needs to be done.

Obviously that’s only part of the possibilities for a truly social model. The added advantages are that this co-creative activity is network-based which means that endorsements are more implied and emergent than simply traded. It also bridges people directly with work opportunities through the same network.

Most importantly a real social model could take away one of the hardest parts of parading ourselves online: knowing what to write. A more iterative, social model takes care of that.

Anyway, as in so many areas, the social recruitment models we have seem to be based on legacy architecture (online CVs) rather than the architecture we need to realise the full potential. What do you think the new models of social recruitment might look like?

  1. I think this is a good idea. I currently struggle even to revise my CV because I find it difficult to see what I can do well (I have been known to recommend another candidate as better for a job during an intervew). I’m now trying to think of the practicalities of how one does this… (I have been thinking of trying to crowd-source a reference, at least for what I’ve done with blogging and social media).

    • I think sites like Branch show some interesting ways forward for social interaction online. One of the things they do is try to match online conversations with how we talk offline. It’s important to get a grip on this way of working so that things like recruitment can be conversational online rather than presentational. Thanks for the comment.

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