Should I Follow?

Sometimes it’s hard to put the effort necessary into deciding whether to follow someone on Twitter. For those times when I’m a bit pushed I use a simple reference for making the decision. It’s purely based on the numbers of Followers and Followees so it’s not very scientific. For those of you that want to be equally unscientific I’ve provided a chart.

Obviously this is under development so if you have any stereotypes to add please let me know. Once finished I hope it will save me the job of reading the tweets of anyone I don’t know.

Twitter Follow Chart

Twitter Follow Chart

  1. I like this, but I think companies should perhaps be added? Large corporations, organisations, charities, local companies, councils, government, cool brands and websites etc – or perhaps develop a similar diagram to this but just for organisations on twitter? I like it!

    • Thanks. I’m sure it will get developed further. I’m already getting some very useful feedback. I’ll definitely think of some good organisation categories.

  2. Gordon Rae said:

    I am a parody account. I just never realised before.

  3. You bastard Gough. First I’m classed “quite a nice person” on Klouchebag, and then you go and put me squarely in the Normal Person box. You’re doing all manner of damage to my personal brand here, I may even sue.

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