Santa Rebuttal Project


It’s getting increasingly difficult to come up with clever answers for my children’s endless questions about Santa. So I thought I’d enlist Quora. Below are what I believe to be the key issues in the Santa story, all posed as questions on Quora. Your answers would be much appreciated.

Please feel free to add questions in the comments and I’ll publish them.

How does Santa replicate all the toys we see in the shops?

How does Santa get to all the houses in the world in one night?

How does Santa fit down small chimneys when he is so big?

How does Santa get in if there is no chimney?

How does Santa manage to eat so many mince pies in one night?

How does Santa know whether we have been naughty or nice?

What does Santa do the rest of the year?

  1. Kathryn said:

    Why does Santa have so much facial hair?

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